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With more than 20 years industry experience, obtaining a Vehicle Pawn Loan against your car title, motorcycle or boat is a hassle-free process at Pawn a Car Sydney a Auto Pawnbroker located at North Parramatta in Sydney.

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Pawn Loan Against
Your Car Benefits

  • No monthly repayments necessary.
  • 1 x repayment only when you pick up your vehicle.
  • Important! Only pay interest for period borrowed.
  • Repay money any time to reduce debt.
  • No credit or background checks.
  • No application or hidden fees.
  • Zero storage fees.

For pawn loan against car visit one stop vehicle pawn shop.

Vehicle Pawn Shop

This lending service we offer, undoubtedly is the fastest way of borrowing money. Whether you have good or bad credit? Our convenient vehicle pawn title loan service eliminates any need to process credit checks. To fully understand, our how it works guide provides full information.

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Car, Motorbike, Boat, Jet Ski or Truck and get cash in minutes

Whatever vehicle type, make or model, should you require a no credit check cash loan against your car, or short-term loan against your motorcycle or boat our auto pawn shop can certainly assist.

Pawn a Vehicle, Motorcycle, Boat or Truck at Sydney's best Vehicle Pawn Shop

Sydney’s Best Vehicle Pawn Shop

Pawn a Car Sydney offers the oldest form of money lending, loans against assets pawned. Furthermore, Pawn a Car is not your traditional local auto pawn shop that deals in jewellery. We are unique! We offer cash loans against vehicles which are pledged as collateral against loans advanced.

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We make it easy to borrow against your vehicle, whether it’s to pawn your car, motorcycle, boat, jet ski or truck at Sydney’s Best Vehicle Pawn Shop – Pawn a Car.

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pawn your vehicle and receive money immediately at Pawn a Vehicle Sydney a Vehicle Pawnbroker.

You Can Borrow:

Receive Your Payment

  • Cash in hand.
  • or bank transfer.

Need answers? view our faqs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the requirement to obtain a vehicle pawn loan?

  • Borrowers must be able to prove they either own or have entitlement to the vehicle they intend to pawn.

Where do I get a secured loan against my vehicle in Sydney?

  • Bring your Vehicle or Marine asset including ownership documents to our Pawn Shop Monday to Saturday. (Get Directions)


  • Photo licence or similar.
  • Asset registration or purchase documents.

Upon arrival, we’ll appraise your asset, verify ownership and present and formalize a suitable loan amount.

  • Finally Receive Your Money?
  • Paid directly to you in Cash.
  • Transfer into bank account of your choice.

More Information

Which vehicles or boats do we pawn and lend against?

  • Pawn loans are available from $1,000 up to $100,000 against the value of most make and models of cars, motorcycles, boats, jet skis, trucks at Pawn a Car.

Will my credit be affected when obtaining a vehicle pawn loan?

No credit checks are necessary, therefore, your credit file will remain untouched, so other credit lenders won’t come to know that you have borrowed funds from us.