How It Works?

3 Easy Steps To Your Cash Loan

How it works, is actually quite simple. As a NSW Pawnbroker we are regulated by Government, and our service provided is legislated by law.

As a licensee, we lend money based on borrowers’ giving us an asset which is provided as security on the amount of money being borrowed. This asset is retained by us until the debt is fully repaid, whether it’s 1 day or 365 days.

Our Amazing Loan Terms

  • Free 90 Day No Loan Repayment period.
  • Initial loan contract period set at 3 months.
  • Monthly or periodical re-payments optional.
  • Pay only for period used. E.g. 1, 2 or 3 Months etc.
  • Loan extension past 3 months available.

What Amount Will We Loan?

From $500 up to $200,000.

What Assets Do We Lend Against?

Loans are available against most automotive assets such as cars, motorcycles and watercraft.

Vehicle Pawn Loan Requirements

You Need to Provide items as Listed.

Photo Identification

  • Drivers’ Licence or Passport

Pawn a Car requires Proof of Identity

Proof of Asset Ownership

  • Registration or Purchase papers.
  • NSW Services Online Login.

Pawn a Car requires a vehicle pawn loan checklist document of proof of ownership.

Where Do I Get A Vehicle Pawn Loan?

Visit our North Parramatta Head Office.

We will appraise your vehicle and agree on an amount. Should you be comfortable with our offer and terms? Simply provide your documents, sign the paperwork and receive your money.

Finalising Your Loan

Call and provide notice so we have your vehicle available for collection.

Question You May Have?

Does one have to be employed?


Do i need ownership – registration papers?

Yes, however, If no ownership documents are available, please arrange a replacement. Alternatively we do have and option available to check asset ownership.

I don’t have a NSW Drivers Licence?

All Australian drivers licences are suitable or authorised Government documents displaying photo identification.

Do i require good credit rating to obtain a loan?

Your credit score has no relevance.

Can i pawn a vehicle that’s registered in another state?

Yes, as long as you can provide proof of ownership.

Does vehicle registration have to be in my name?

Not necessary, sufficient explanation you are justified in pawning the vehicle must be provided.

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