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About Pawn a Car – Pawnbroker & Moneylender and our twenty years of experience, yes twenty plus in business.

This Sydney family vehicle pawnbroker with many years of industry experience, has qualified us as a premier Sydney vehicle pawnbroker. We and our partners; Cash Fast Loans – Car Pawnbroker & Moneylender, Hock a Car 4 Cash & Vehicle Pawnbroker are located at the North Parramatta business complex an easy drive from most Sydney locations.

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We have qualified us as a leading Sydney vehicle pawnbroking business. Operating from our North Parramatta location, we provide a relatively simple way of raising money fast when needed. Should you own a car, motorcycle, boat or truck? Then you have the ability to borrow money against your assets value. Need answers? Checkout our helpful Faqs. or Privacy Policy.

We are a business you can trust, our service is unrivaled in the industry because we believe in building a relationship with you 1st.

As an expert in the vehicle pawnbroking – pawn shop industry, we offer the most amount of money for your asset, whether it be a car, boat, truck, motorbike, jet skis, horse float, bobcat, machine and tools.

As a Vehicle Pawnbroker, we are a self funded and will lend up to $200,000.

About Pawn a Car

Also as a Second Hand Dealer, we are a buyer up to $400,000 of all types of valuables – No restrictions – Settlement in Cash.

  1. We are subject to New South Wales state pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers’ act 1996 and the relevant regulations. Legislation
  2. Pawnbrokers and Second-Hand Dealers Regulation 2008, Regulation 
  3. Pawnbroking is exempt under the National Credit Act. It is not technically credit or a credit service under the Act. However, It is covered by State-based pawnbroking legislation.  This law relates to unconscionable conduct, misleading and deceptive provisions of the ASIC 2001Act.
Pawn A Car Services

Pawn a Car Services

Pawn a Car loan service is convenient with no hidden charges. The service we provide is private and confidential requiring no credit checks. The loans we provide are short-term ranging from $500 up to $100,000 against vehicles such as cars, motorbikes, boats and trucks. With a guarantee of settlement in minutes, what a fantastic fast way to use the equity in assets owned. Then to get cash in just minutes! No wonder customers come back time and time again.


Pawn a Car complies and conducts business subject to New South Wales state pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers’ act and the relevant related regulations.

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Requiring money urgently without any kind of hassle, get in touch, visit Pawn a Car we are located at Parramatta.

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