Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For everything you need to know about vehicle pawn loans view Pawn a Cars frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding our cash Loans.

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We have qualified us as a leading Sydney vehicle pawnbroking business. Operating from our North Parramatta location, we provide a relatively simple way of raising money fast when needed. Should you own a car, motorcycle, boat or truck? Then you have the ability to borrow money against your assets value.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may help you understand our business. We are a business you can trust; our service is unrivalled in the industry because we believe in building a relationship with you first. View about us.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Vehicle Pawn Loans.

About Us

Pawn a Car a family-owned car, motorcycle and boat pawnbroker with more than 30 years of combined industry experience. We are affiliated with Hock Car, Hock Car 4 Cash and Cash Fast Loans and our loan agency is located in Sydney at North Parramatta.

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What are Vehicle Pawn loans?

Loans advanced against the value of a vehicle which is pledged as loan security and retained by Pawn a Car until the debt is repaid.

What vehicles do we pawn and lend money against?

Pawn loans are available against all vehicle types including cars, motorcycles, trucks and also watercraft and jet skis.

How fast are vehicle pawn loans settled?

Loans are processed in minutes and funds provided immediately.

Does one need to be employed?

There is no requirement to be employed when pawning a vehicle and borrowing money.

Should there be money owing on my vehicle can Pawn a Car help?

We prefer the asset to have nil finance, however we suggest contacting Pawn a Car to discuss the circumstances.

Can Pawn a Car help should vehicle ownership be in another person's name?

In most cases, this is not a problem we can generally work around this.

What documents are required to pawn a vehicle?

We require one form of photo identification plus vehicle ownership documents.

How long is the pawn loan term?

As per NSW law, initial contracts are set at three-Months. However, borrowers ultimately decide the length of term. It is like renting money, you only pay for the period you have borrowed the money. Importantly, borrowers may redeem their asset any time during that period.

Is there loan interest charge?

Interest if any is charged based on the amount borrowed. Terms are set at the time of the agreement and interest negotiated and fixed.

How are repayments made?

Loan repayment is not necessary until the vehicle is redeemed. However you may repay periodically if you wish to reduce your final repayment.

I can’t afford to pay the loan repayment due?

You must pay a loan extension, this will give you extra time without having to re-pay any of the principal borrowed.

Should the loan not be paid what is the result?

This will result in the vehicle being sold, the balance if any refunded to the borrower.

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