Frequently Asked Questions

Pawn a Car FAQs (Frequently asked questions) for answers to questions you may have.

What are Pawn loans?

Loans are lent based on the value of an asset which is retained by the pawnbroker for the loan term.

What assets are pawned and lent against?

All types vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats and trucks.

How fast are loans settled?

With in minutes*.

Does one need to be employed?


There is money owing on my asset can Pawn a Car help?


Can Pawn a Car help should ownership papers are in another name?

In most cases, this is not a problem.

What documents are required?

Three forms of identification including one photo plus asset title – ownership papers.

How long is the loan term?

Contracts are set at three-Months however you decide how long to borrow the money, you can come and redeem your asset any time in that period. It is like renting money, you only pay for the period that you have borrowed the money.

Is there interest charge on the loan?

Fees are negotiable as each loan is based on the condition and value of the asset being borrowing against. Interest if any is calculated monthly and charges if any are set at the time of the agreement and do not vary.

How are payments made?

When the asset is redeemed or a monthly direct debit plan maybe processed.

I can’t afford to pay part of the loan due?

Monthly Loan extensions may be paid without re-paying any of the principle borrowed.

Should the loan not be paid what is the result?

This will result in the asset being sold, the balance if any maybe refunded.


As a licensed New South Wales Pawnbroker we operate within the state complying with all laws relating to the pawnbroker industry.

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