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  • Borrow from $500 up to $50,000
  • No Monthly Repayments – Pay Later
  • No Credit Check or Application Fee
  • Bring Your Boat, Registration & Id.
  • Obtain Loan & Money in Minutes
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How to Pawn Your Boat

3 Easy Steps to Your Instant Loan

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Can I borrow against my boat or jet ski and obtain cash today? Yes, to pawn your boat and borrow cash loan against your watercraft asset is easy at Pawn a Boat. We provide $500 to $50,000 cash loans against boats of all types including jet ski. Simple visit our loan agency in Sydney for no credit check loan against your boat.

No Loan Approval Necessary


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What Amount Can I

Borrow Against My Boat?

We pawn all makes of boats and jet skis and offer cash loans ranging from $500 up to $50,000 depending on the assets value. This enables you an easy way to borrow against your boat or jet ski using it as collateral.

Obtain a cash loan against your boat or jet ski.

Pawn all Watercraft

Should you be considering, “How do I obtain a loan against my boat or other watercraft? Our easy-step process will guide you through how to borrow against your boat and what to expect.

Pawn your jet ski here today.

Loans Against Boats & Jet Skis

Pawn a jet ski or other watercraft we are the superstar of the watercraft pawnbroking industry and have been providing these amazing loans for years. We fully understand borrowers cash loan requirements, this is why we are different from the average vehicle pawnbroker shop. Learn more, checkout our helpful FAQ’s or contact us.

Pawn a Boat

Loan Benefits

  • No monthly repayment required.
  • 1 x repayment only upon asset pick up.
  • Only pay interest for the period borrowed.
  • Repay money any time to reduce loan.
  • No Credit or background checks.
  • No application or hidden fees.
  • Pay no storage fees.

Pawn My Boat

Need to pawn your boat or jet ski?

Take the first step

  1. SMS your vessel photos for appraisal
  2. Apply / enquire online
  3. Make an appointment booking

Or simply visit our loan agency located North Parramatta

About Us

Pawn a Car a family-owned car, motorcycle and boat pawnbroker with more than 30 years of combined industry experience. We are affiliated with Hock Car, Hock Car 4 Cash and Cash Fast Loans and our loan agency is located in Sydney at North Parramatta.

Learn more, view How it Works, FAQ’s or About Us.

How to Pawn your Boat

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Bring Boat & Provide Documents:

  • Photo identification & boat ownership proof.

Fast Process

  • Assess vessel, agree loan amount & formalize.

Receive Money

  • Instant cash or bank transfer.

Finalise Loan

  • Repay loan & collect your boat.

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